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The Deal with CBD and the Hype Surrounding It

Deal with CBD and the Hype Surrounding It

Suddenly CBD appears to be everywhere, and it is a miracle cure for just about anything. 

Enthusiasts continue to rave about its multifaceted advantages as it seems to cure everything that people do not like. It also comes packaged in almost every form, from CBD edibles to pills. 

The fact is CBD is easily accessible and very popular among most demographics. Unfortunately, it is not everything that it is cracked up to be. 

CBD does have particular benefits, of course. Though, it is definitely not a wonder drug. There are specific reasons why this is the case.

CBD is a Narcotic

Legally speaking, cannabis is set as a schedule 1 narcotic, which means a lot of its research and use is still illegal. 

However, some states have permitted the use of the drug for medicinal and recreational purposes. 

It’s not the case for the majority of the country, so there is a lot of sensitivity, especially when it comes to research on related products like CBD.

Unregulated Dosage

CBD is widely available; however, it is provided as a supplement according to FDA regulations rather than a drug. 

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In that state, it is not regulated in terms of dosage, so there is no way of knowing how much is provided or needed to effectively treat the symptoms of epilepsy, anxiety, withdrawal from opiates, and many other conditions that CBD is meant to alleviate.

CBD is Being Overused in Marketing

The wellness industry tries to make revenue at every turn because they are based on businesses

CBD is providing an excellent means of doing that because it is the next best thing. 

As a result, it is unnecessarily ending up in wellness and cosmetic products, especially since it is an unregulated supplement. 

However, unnecessary applications of CBD do not mean that every use of it is necessary.

CBD is NOT Medical Marijuana

The confusion concerning CBD hemp oil and marijuana is understandable because they both come from the same parent plant. 

THC and CBD are some of the main active ingredients which are found in marijuana.

THC is the most active and is the one that provides the psychoactive elements for which marijuana is famous. 

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It is the hemp that CBD oil comes from, which has insignificant amounts of THC and is chemically different. The same attributes, therefore, cannot be given to it.

“All CBD is The Same”

Several mistakenly believe that CBD products are created the same. It can come from a lab, Cannabis, or hemp. 

As stated before, it is an unregulated supplement yet there are many varieties with different effectiveness and use.

Though an individual molecule of CBD would be the same across the board the final product chosen may be quite different. 

It is also important to note that though medical Cannabis is becoming more regulated, hemp-related CBD is not.In the end, it falls on the user to do their due diligence as concerns research into CBD and the products they are offered, so they do not end up with adverse effects, especially if it is for medical purposes.