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What Can CBD Do for Weight Loss?

With the rising popularity of CBD, a question arises: What can CBD do for weight loss? 

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form for the substance cannabidiol; an oil extracted from the cannabis plant. It has recently garnered popularity as a treatment option for man medical conditions. Research has shown CBD to be effective in the treatment of physical and mental health complaints, including anxiety, pain management, and even cancer. Studies have also found a trend for people reporting experiencing calming effects if CBD is taken regularly.

But CBD is not without its controversy. Because it comes from the cannabis plant, it tends to be stamped with the stigma of illicit drug use. But as with hemp, which also comes from the cannabis plant, it has no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana. THC is the substance responsible for the “high” feeling that people typically associate with marijuana use.

It is important though, to ensure that you obtain your CBD only from reputable sources so that it is of high quality. Lower quality CBD can sometimes contain higher levels of THC.


Is CBD like marijuana?

Marijuana, the illicit drug obtained from the cannabis plant, is typically smoked, or refined into edible products. The goal of recreational marijuana consumption is usually to achieve a “high” feeling which results from the presence of THC. Because CBD does not contain THC, it does not produce this “high” feeling. This means that CBD is unlikely to get you “high,” but is also not addictive and will not be found in drug tests. Overall, CBD and marijuana are wildly different, in both purpose and effect.


Can CBD help you lose weight?

Human studies are yet to be conducted on this area, however at present, we can look to anecdotal evidence and animal research. Confusingly, the results are very mixed. Some users have reported losing weight since commencing use of CBD. This loss of weight seems to be supported by animal studies, which have found that CBD does impact two receptors that influence metabolism, CB1 and CB2. In some cases, introduction of CBD has reduced appetite and boosted the metabolism, which over time, would result in weight loss. Animal studies have also found a trend for CBD to promote browning of fat cells within the body, which aids in burning of calories.

Paradoxically however, some patients have reported gaining weight since using CBD. Looking closer, this trend seems to be explained by the naturally calming effect of CBD, which can reduce nausea by settling the stomach. When patients feel less nauseous, they are likely to eat more, which promotes weight gain. It is evident that far more research is needed on this area.


But will taking CBD give you “the munchies?”

The good news, is that there is no evidence that CBD will result in the famous “munchies” effect, commonly associated with marijuana use. This refers to the sudden, voracious appetite which results following consumption of marijuana. For years, scientists were puzzled by this phenomenon, but a recent study has shed some light on it. It seems THC has the previously unknown side effect of enhancing taste and smell receptors, which makes people more able and willing to seek out food, and to enjoy the taste even more once they consume it. Logically, since CBD contains no THC, there is no reason to suspect it will cause people to experience “the munchies.”


Is it safe? What are the side effects?

There is a wealth of research on the safety of CBD, and whilst more is always needed, the results so far are very encouraging. Studies have firstly found that even when CBD is taken in large quantities, daily, there is no risk of overdose. No study or anecdotal report has identified anyone overdosing on CBD oil, which has led some to form the belief that overdose on CBD may not even be possible. Similar findings have occurred when examining possible side effects. To date, no study has found any erroneous side effects. Some users have reported feeling a calming effect from regular, daily use; however, this is seen as a desired effect, rather than a concern. Overall, it appears CBD is safe for regular use.