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What happens if the FDA outlaws CBD and hemp oil?

What if the FDA outlaws CBD and hemp oil?

To say that CBD products have exploded onto the market is the understatement of the century. CBD has become extremely popular in recent years, and you can find tons of everyday products like lotions, tinctures, and even foods that contain CBD. Many people, however, are still wondering what would happen if the FDA outlaws CBD and hemp oil

It’s important to note that while the FDA has not outlawed the use of CBD and hemp oil products, the FDA considers CBD a drug ingredient and therefore considers it illegal to add to health or food products without the agency’s approval. One of the main problems the FDA sees is in the numerous and sometimes unproven claims of medical properties. 

The FDA’s commissioner, however, is quick to point out that while the agency is concerned about these unproven and unsubstantiated therapeutic claims, they are not illegal. This means that the producers and sellers of CBD products are technically not violating the law when they sell you CDB products. But there is always the risk that they may not be as safe or as effective as advertised.

What would happen if the FDA outlaws CBD and hemp oil?

If it’s not in violation of the law to sell CBD oil and hemp oil, then why are so many in the industry advocating for the legalization of hemp and CBD products? The reason is simple — for the growth of the industry, they need FDA approval if they are to add CBD to more products. 

FDA approval is vital for the marketing of any product. Big Pharma knows this, which is why they cannot bring a drug to market without FDA approval. The role of the FDA is to ensure that the products brought to the market are safe and effective. But approval from the FDA also streamlines the industry in terms of making it easier for the producers of CBD and hemp oil to market their products and manage their businesses more easily.

Outlawing CBD and hemp oil products would deny many marijuana and hemp plant breeders and CBD and hemp oil producers a livelihood — but it would also deny the public products that could very well prove beneficial for many people. 

The FDA Needs More Information 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that the FDA has already approved the use of Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived treatment for seizures, shows that the FDA can approve all other uses of CBD and hemp oil and their derivatives. 

The agency is quick to point out, however, that more information is needed if CDB will be approved for general distribution. Further testing is needed, particularly to determine the effects of CBD on children and the elderly. There’s a lot of information about the therapeutic benefits of CBD and hemp oil, but the quality of the products in the market may need to be streamlined if FDA approval is the end goal.

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