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What Is Cannabis Oil Made Out Of?

Cannabis oils are a kind of oil extracted from cannabis plants. Cannabis oil constitutes all the active ingredients found on the normal cannabis plants when it is not yet refined. Albeit, the concentration of the compounds found in the oil are dependent on the type of cannabis plant it was extracted from. 


Cannabis oil usually has two main active compounds: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9 tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC). The composition of CBD and THC are different depending on the type of cannabis plants. For instance, cannabis oil gotten from skunk plants contains much more THC than CBD, while cannabis oil from hemp plants contains a lot more CBD than THC. 

The “high” often felt by cannabis smokers is a result of the THC present. On the other hand, CBD is responsible for the therapeutic effects cannabis oil often has on its users — cannabis oils used for medical purposes contain a lot of CBD. 

Breaking It Down

So, what is cannabis oil made out of? In simple terms, cannabis oil is the liquid derived from cannabis Sativa — the marijuana plant. The chemicals in cannabis oil vary from one oil to another, depending on the chemicals present in the plant before extraction and the extraction process. 

There are several thousands of compounds found in the cannabis plant; however, the most popular and probably the most effective of them belong to the class of compounds called cannabinoids. And two of the most relevant cannabinoids are CBD and THC. 

As earlier stated, THC is the compound in cannabis responsible for the “high” marijuana smokers experience — it is the most common psychoactive compound in marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is does not produce the “high.” Rather, it provides other important benefits that are relevant in the medical world. 

Regulating Cannabis

Products that contain CBD and no trace of THC do not fall under the regulated substances of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency. That implies that it is legal to sell and consume CBD-contained products as long as they don’t contain THC. CBD oils have become more popular and more acceptable in today’s society because of their therapeutic effects. According to a 2016 report by the popular magazine Forbes, the CBD industry could be worth $2.2 billion by 2020.

Buying CBD

Experts are, however, concerned that consumers are not educated enough about CBD products as well as cannabis oils. They believe that more awareness should be created to make consumers understand the implications of what they are consuming. 

Companies producing cannabis oils need to become more open with their products and let consumers know what their cannabis oil is composed of. This is because most cannabis oil products are do not contain the same amount of substances. There are a lot of product varieties out there in the cannabis oil market. Therefore companies producing CBD-contained cannabis oil must have been able to carry out extensive research on their products before sending them out to the marketplace. The exact source of the oil, its composition, the percentage of the various compounds in the oil, etc., should be ascertained. 

Some experts believe that it is extremely important to fully comprehend the traditional and established effective treatments that can be accessed before trying out the different cannabis oil products. 

Uses of Cannabis Oil

While many people assume that cannabis oils can be used to treat many diseases such as cancer, it has not been established as a front line product for such treatments. For example, it is a tad bit risky for cancer patients to say that they want to forgo chemotherapy because they read an article online that cannabis oil can effectively manage the disease. It is not yet a good idea. Regardless, cannabis oil is fast becoming a very effective therapeutic substance that already has medical backings. It is believed to have a lot of potential benefits that are yet to be discovered.