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What’s the Difference Between CBD Oils and Capsules?

The difference between CBD capsules and oil is dependent on the manner using the term CBD oil. 

Usually, CBD oil is used as a base for the creation of a variety of products, including capsules, topicals, and tinctures. 

These different products each have the properties that make them attractive for use to the market.  

CBD Capsules vs Oils

The most significant difference between the two product options would be their physical structure. 


  • Capsules come in a simple gel capsule form. On the other hand, oil is a liquid, and it is stored within bottles. 


  • The other difference between the two is the strength and amount of CBD that is available with each product. 
  • The capsules may come in two strengths, which are 25 mg and 50 mg options. 
  • As convenient and portable options, the capsules are a great choice for those who are searching for accurate serving amounts. 
  • It is much harder to get an accurate dosage for CBD oil drops. The CBD oils though are measured according to strength levels. 
  • There are dosages for 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg. These numbers display how much CBD is in the entire bottle. To ascertain how much is within each milliliter serving, one can find the information on the serving size label on the back. 
  • To assess the desired serving amount, one reads the lines on the dropper, which is within the bottle.
  • The bioavailability with oil happens to be higher than with the capsules. 

That would make the sublingual oils good for general use. 

CBD oil - Panda CBD

These would be an adaptable means that would be used for many balancing properties even though the sublingual usage may not be familiar, though it is easy to get a hang of it and instill it within the daily routine. 

When it comes to capsules, they might not have the same level of bioavailability as they are easy to use.

They are also more ideal for travel, considering they are inconspicuous as one will not be noticed for taking one at work or within the public. One of the only things which are similar between the two would be the pricing because it is based on milligrams. When it comes to choosing or the other, though, it would mostly depend on personal preference and lifestyle. 

It’s All About the Preference

Some might choose the capsules for the ease, convenience, and the probability. Others opt for the oils because of the potential for customizing the servings.

Capsules are usually the first choice for those new to CBD supplements. It is also the most advisable option because it allows you to get to know how much you are using and the direct effect as per the dosage. 

CBD capsules - Panda CBD

It also gives one confidence, especially if there are doubts concerning the potential for failed drug tests at work. 

Oils, on the other hand, are quite versatile because you can take them with meals or prescribe yourself according to the drops on an estimated basis. They are also better if you are looking for fast-acting options, and you do not mind the taste of CBD.

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